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One can have dry, scaly lips all year round. But comes winter, most of the people have scaly lips problem. Cracked, dehydrated, chapped lips are one of the most painful, uncomfortable effects of cold temperatures and low humidity.

How To Treat Dry, Scaly Lips At Home To Make Them Look Supple And Beautiful

The best natural homemade remedy is to exfoliate your lips to treat dry, scaly lips. Here are 3 simple do-it-yourself tricks to exfoliate and make them supple.

1. The first lips diy exfoliation trick needs only a finger scoop of petroleum jelly or vaseline and a toothbrush. Cover up your lips with petroleum jelly. Using a toothbrush, gently massage in the jelly in a circular motion. Wipe off the excess petroleum jelly. Whereas the toothbrush exfoliates lips, the petroleum jelly leaves your lips extra luscious and supple. Repeat this trick a couple times a day until your lips are free from dry scaly lips patches.

2. The second trick that works to get rid of scaly lips is to apply organic coconut oil onto your lips and then scrub them in circular motions with a wet, warm washcloth. It will exfoliate your lips to make them stunningly soft and juicy. If you don’t have coconut oil, you can use any other oil like extra virgin olive or organic canola oil.

3. The third trick is my secret honey & brown sugar lip scrub recipe. Read on here:

(i) Take a little bit of organic honey in your palm.

(ii) Add to the honey a small amount of brown sugar, and mix the two together in your palm using your finger. Add a drop of water if needed to have desired consistency.

(iii) Rub the mixture onto your lips.

Natural Beauty Tips For Dry Lips:

(i) Don’t lick your lips thinking that it will add hydration. On the other this can only dry them further since saliva contains enzymes that draw moisture out of the skin.

(ii) Before applying a lip balm, moisten your lips with cool water, and then apply an oil-based balm to lock in moisture.

(iii) You can use almond oil, wheat germ oil or coconut oil instead using a store-bought lip balm. Other natural options are Shea butter, aloe vera gel, organic cottonseed oil or organic sunflower oil. Avoid using fragrance-based products.

Please share here your tips about how you treat super dry lips under the comments below.